Friday, June 10, 2011

Inspiration: Chandiliers

I love chandeliers. I hate ours. Some day I will replace it... :P I'm thinking of (i don't know if this is possible...) replacing my ceiling fan in my room with a pretty (spray painted) colored chandy... But I do love having a fan. Hmmm...

Here are some photos (all found via Decorpad) of chandeliers I love...

This is so cool... not what I'd hang in our entryway, but it's still epic!
This is just the cutest baby room! I love it all!

OK, so maybe I just love the staircase in this one (the chandy is still pretty though ;)
I love the moulding and light grey walls in this one....

Dreamy-est picture ever. The wall in the back is awesome, and the chandy, and the table setting...

Ooh, ooh ooh! Love the black and white and the ceiling medalion!
The thing I love the most about this are the wood bar things (the name for them is on the tip of my tongue..) and white walls.

I thought I had a ton more pics, but I guess not... Sorry! Now that school's over I'll be crafting more hopefully. It seems like the less school you have to do the more other junk you have to do. Like you think you'll have lots of free time but somehow it's always all full. I hate it.


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Katie and Mike said...

I've been enjoying your blog since I found it, like 30 minutes ago. I saw your chandy post and just had to share what I finished last month. I too have slobbered over all kinds of chandeliers, now I can proudly say I have one!

I hope you make/find one soon :-) Katie