Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FEATURES: Emptying out my 'to-do' folder part 3

Alright, so none of these are from my favorites folder. They are all from my DIY board on Pinterest. Dang is that site addicting! So now there are going to be like fifty of these posts. :D
{oh, I'd comment on the blogs I'm featureing to let them know I featured them, but I can't comment... sooo... yeah. }

{interchangable bow flats}

{Felt flower headboard}

{Anthro-like duvet}

{DIY Roman Shades}

{Bustle Skirt}

{how to slipcover a chair}

{Felt Dahilias}

{Felt Fortune Cookies}

{Wood Vase}

{DIY shirt (that for some reason is being worn as a dress...)}

{Butterfly Lamp}

Sorry for the wacky spacing and stuff, sooo not my fault. :( Very frustrating!


1 comment:

Hannah said...

Those look so fun to make - I wanna make them! Thanks for the ideas :)