Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Features: Emptying Out My Favorites Folder #2

Alright, I'm still not even halfway through my favorites folder. So there will be at least 3 more posts like this. *sigh* Here we go!

PVC mirror by Thrifty and Chic.

I am so mad. Why didn't I think of that. :( Jealousy. But if you haven't already seen this, you should check it out(my PVC shelf tutorial)

I've been searching for these glue on bails for cheap FOREVER! Still can't find any.

How to Sew a Zippered Pouch by Gussy. THANK YOU GUSSY!

(hehehe) Girls shirt Re-fashion by Crafterhours. (at first I took this seriously. and then I got it. I know I'm slow.) MUST READ THIS TUTE!!!

Nautical Tanktop Refashion by Ali Foster Patterns

Nautical Knot Headband from Presser Foot

Ruffle headband from Homestiched

Of course now my signature isn't working. UGH. Oh well. I'm just glad I can still post!



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