Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I'm in shock people. I offer free advertising and get NO emails. *sniff* I was all excited about this! So if you decide you want to take advantage of my offer now... check out the ADVERTISING tab and email me... mmkay? :{   Thanks ;) Oh, and if you don't have a button I'd love to make you one for free :D


CK said...

Ummm, sure we'll take you up on it! We'd love to advertise here. Love that little cloth flower you made ;)


KaseyQ said...

Yes, I'd love to advertise with you! And I'd love for you to make me a button! Oh wait, you said to check out your advertising tab...doing that now... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Currently I am working on redoing/updating my shop - once its up I would love to advertise and have you make me a button! :)