Tuesday, July 26, 2011

(semi) TUTORIAL-Mum Clip V3

Hey guys! I'm back with another version of the mum clip! This one uses that faux satin stuff though. :D The tutorial doesn't show all of the steps.. but I figured you were getting used to how I do it by now! If not check out V1 and V2. Actually you may just want to check them out anyways!

cut out shapes and glue into 'petals' (not shown)
add first layer of large petals onto felt circle.
repeat over first layer's cracks with small petals.
roll up the last small petal and glue it in the middle. Glue center to surrounding petals.
{sorry it's sideways... IDK why!}

I'm going to have to stop posting every day now, because our school starts next week and we're cleaning and preparing to start {UGH!} But hopefully I'll be back to normal soon!

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CK said...

This is really cool. I totally want one!