Sunday, July 17, 2011

TUTORIAL - mum clip V2

I have a few different versions of the original mum clip, I like them all so much I'm going to try to give a tutorial for each of them. Today you get The Mum Clip V2. :D
The supplies are basically the same as last time:
  1. Old tee shirt scraps {or any fabric}
  2. Some Lace {I used an old curtain}
  3. Template {you have to make it yourself. Or you can try to find some clip art to use as a template.}
  4. Sharpie
  5. Hot glue gun and sticks
  6. Small circle of felt.
  7. Hair Clip {or brooch.. whatever you want.}
  8. CREATIVITY. You don't have to follow my exact directions. Do what you want, make it your own.
First get your template and trace it onto your fabrics. You will need 9 of each fabric.

{piles of 9 'flowers')

Glue 8 of the 'flowers' into 'petals' like last time. Cut a circle of felt.
Glue 4 'petals' onto the felt circle like so:
Glue the next four over the 'cracks'. 
{does that make sense?} 
Create a center by rolling up one of the 'petals'. Cut off the tip and glue in the middle. Now glue the tops of the last layer of petals to the center.
You're done! now you can glue it to a pin or hair clip or even a magnet. Just have fun with it. You could sew it together too. I think that actually works better and It's less stiff if you sew it, but gluing is easier. :D Try making a Huge on and sewing it to a pillow, or a miniature one for earrings! The possibilities are endless!
I'll be back with more tutorials soon! thanks for reading, and let me know if you make one!

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Maggie Lamarre said...

so pretty thanks for the step by step.
I am inviting you to join our linking parties going on every week starting on wednesdays at
Have a fabulous week,

KaseyQ said...

Gorgeous! On my to-do list this week! (I LOVE the lace!!)

Nay said...

gorgeous! i almost like it as much as the first one! at first i was wondering what you made that out of, because in the gray color i thought it was some woven material & i was thinking, 'what is that? a threadbare dish towel? (i may or may not have a towel like that, cough)' in color it's really beautiful. and i'm working buton my post. hopefully it'll be ready by next week, or the week after :) i think i gave you my email on pinterest, if not just tell me

Nay said...
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Stef said...

Love these! You have a great blog!

Seaweed and Raine said...

Cool flower clip. There are so many variations on the web at the moment. I like the rolled centre - gives it a bit more variation. :)

Eyde said...

I love your rosette's I will definitely be making these for my daughter's head bands

Vanessa @ {nifty thrifty things} said...

Very pretty!!
Thank you for linking up to {nifty thrifty sunday} last week!
I hope to see more of your creativity this weekend!

Anne said...

I love it!!! The lace is PERFECT for this project! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:
(link will go live later tonight)


Rosana Garcia Hess said...

love it!! I´ll feature on my blog, hope you don´t min~d
hugs from Brazil

Unknown said...

Hi! Really pretty flowers! Funny thing is I made these (or sort of experiment on it) last week to try out on my hairclips... before dropping by today... Crafting sixth sense? LOL! GREAT tutorial btw. :D

Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys) said...

Love your tutorial! I just made one for myself in red and white and am now thinking I'll have to make some mini ones to embellish a plain pair of shoes I recently bought. :)