Sunday, August 28, 2011


 Give a warm welcome to my BFF, Naomi!
Hi everyone! I'm Naomi, or Nay, from Sweet LemoNayde. You may remember me from before, showing a tutorial on how to sew a cardigan. Now I'm back with a recycled jeans hobo bag tutorial!

I've always wondered why it's called a 'hobo' bag...

Anyways, I wanted a bag for school. I was, of course, planning on making a hobo bag--not. It was supposed to be a backpack... same thing, right? (that's what I keep telling myself) Well, now I can't really use it for school, but you can still use it for a trip to the beach, grocery shopping, etc. And, if you really wanted to, you could use it for school, but I like two straps supporting my load on both shoulders instead of just one.

What's great about this bag is that there are already pre-existing pockets!

So, on with the tutorial...

Materials: (all the materials for my bag were recycled) an old pair of jeans, a t-shirt hem or a shoelace, cord, etc. for the drawstring; a strap for your bag- mine was from an old messenger, you could also use a necktie, belt, rope, a handle from a leftover pant leg, anything you can think of!

1. Determine how long you want your bag to be. Measure down that much on the outer seam of the pants, and cut off the pant leg to that length. Fold the pants in half, and mirror the cut on the other pant leg.

2. Cut the inseam of your 'shorts,' so that the layers are separated.

3. Use the pant legs and cut 2 pieces of fabric big enough to cover the gaps in the front and back.

Here's a picture of all the pieces.

4. Now pin the 2 pieces of fabric to the openings in the front and back of your open shorts.

5. Sew them in.

6. Turn right side out and trim the seam allowance around the fabric you sewed in.

7. Sew the bottom in a curve-like shape so that the bottom is round.

8. Turn right side out and take your t-shirt hem/cord and pull it through the belt loops. It acts as a drawstring/decoration.

9. Clip your handle to the side belt loops and you're ready to go!

Thanks Alyssa for having me! (o^__^)o
Sooo cute! Thanks Nay!


MrsWardy88 said...

To flipp'n cute! I love it! And its easy peasy...*running off to cut up some old to big jeans*

Monica said...

I made a purse like this a couple years back. it was super fun - but I must admist this one turned out much better than mine did. Great tutorial!

Natasha Mairs - Serenity You said...

OMG!! this is great!!! looks so trendy, I'm hopeless at sewing but i'm gonna have to give this a go

would love it if you could share this post on my new link party, Serenity Saturday, over at


Design DNA said...

This is very cute! Stop by and show off your work :)