Friday, September 16, 2011

Feature: Petra from DIY!

It's kind of funny actually. I found her blog via pinterest. I never actually click on the site whatever I'm looking at came from, but for some reason I did and I'll never regret it! DIY! is Petra's blog where she shares tutorials all the time! I can't believe how many tutorials she can crank out! Anyways, lets take a look at what she's made and then you all need to go follow her. I can't believe it, but she only has 15 followers as of now!

{ruffled tank top}
fabric flowers
rosette necklace
knot headband
wire ring

Like I said, go check her blog out, it's totally worth it! And BTW she lives in Croatia, so some of the buttons {like 'previous page' etc.} are in whatever language she speaks. But her tutorials are in English :)



MrsWardy88 said...

It just sucks that we cant comment. I've tried... trust me.

P. said...

thank you so much for featuring.I am very happy that someone likes my work, I'll give my best to continue to do good tutorials all the time :D

few people have complained about the fact. I now realized that this is due to the template. anyway, problem is solved :)