Sunday, September 18, 2011

Why... Thank you!

We all know my BFF by now... right? Naomi? Yeah, her. Well she's just the best thing ever and sent me a super cute package in the mail:
{she has mad folding-envelope-thing skillz}
And inside was......
A ring! I LOVE IT!
{I kinda forgot to edit this one but it's still cool!}
Thanks again Nay! She's thinking of opening an etsy shop soon... so you guys have to check it out when she does! Also go follow her blog... since we're like twins, if you follow mine you gotta follow hers :)



Stylifiq said...

That ring is sooo cute, I want to bite the blue bit :)That ring is sooo cute, I want to bite the blue bit :)

Nay said...

awww... sorry. i'm not good at dancing and i haven't made much either. But one thing i really am obsessed with about making is fudge. No idea why. and i hate when i try and be unique and then get to school and want to change but can't. i'm sure though that at least one person thought your tutu was cool. my sister and i would :) erm... make... a t-shirt bracelet like this one:

or give yourself a spa day and a makeover with masks and scrubs and fancy hairdo and makeup and send me a before and after pic. i'm going to send you an email about something like that. :)

MrsWardy88 said...

Awe too cute guys!

Megan said...

That is SO pretty!!! Love it, she definitely should start her own etsy shop :)

By the way - what is your URL for your pinterest?? I would love to follow you :)