Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I got my camera!

 yep. It's true! I spent basically the whole day taking pictures! {If you're wondering it's the Canon EOS Rebel t3} So exciting and fun!
 for once I could actually get good pics of my cat!
 And here are some pretty flowers i got for my birthday :)

 This spider was covering the way down one of the stairs from our deck into our yard, so i went the other way. I had forgotten about it when I was coming in {I was looking through the pics I had taken, not looking where I was going} and I ran into it! :( I quickly jumped, screamed, ran around the yard like an insane person, and ran inside and interrupted my mom's phone call making her see if it was in my hair or on me. FREAK OUT to say the least :) So I brushed my hair, changed my shirt {just to be safe, people.} and continued my day. That's me. ;)
 {fresh homegrown tomatoes, I'd say mmmm but I don't like tomatoes!}
 tree bark
 moth thing {we have always called them skippers. I have no clue why.}

 {all the previous I slightly edited. These are straight from the camera :) }

That's it for today, folks! Let me know what you think and if you have anything you'd like to see me photograph :) After I get used to all of the settings and such, I'll start doing DSLR tutorials for you guys.



Hannah said...

Lovely photos, congrats on getting such a great camera!

Mary @ RoomPolish said...

oooo, a Canon Rebel! I want one so badly.... You are so good at photography, girl! I especially love the pictures of your birthday flowers : )

Selina said...

I love your flower photos! You have a good floral eye. Keep up the good work! :D

Rachel Victoria said...

Good photography!! So pretty!

Allie said...

Very nice!! Congrats on getting a camera. I bet you're so happy! Which picture were you linking up to {A Photo} Challenge?

Libbi H. said...


Bethany said...

I love these! haha, and I totally understand your reaction to the spider :D

Mikayla said...

Ahh so exciting! Is this your first DSLR? you're already really good at using it! (: