Saturday, October 1, 2011

I took my camera out of my house!!

That's right. I know, I am sooo brave ;) I've been afraid it's going to get scratched or hurt or something... if I'm like this with a camera I wonder how I'll be with my kids when I'm old{er} :)

Me, my mom, my bro, and my camera took a trip down town to explore & take some sweet pics. It was fun :)

I took this pic on the way at a stop light because the window is so cool! but as a was taking it my mom started driving and the light messed it up...

{editing can work miracles. I swear. take a look at the before to see what I mean!}

so cute :)

this is my favorite picture!!!!!
I know it looks the same as the other one.. but it's different. :)

the ceiling in a shop! I really want my ceiling to look like that!

Thanks for reading and following along guys! Love you all!



MrsWardy88 said...

Photographers are real artist.. Great editing hon!

Mindie Hilton said...

Great pics. Following with GFC. Thanks for linking up at BAcon Time, hope to see ya each week.

Kelly @ In Everything said...

What great textures and patterns in those pictures! Amazing how beautiful ordinary things can be!

rachel said...

great shots! I'm so glad you got your camera OUTSIDE! I hope these will inspire you to take it out again! thank you for showing off your shot.