Sunday, October 2, 2011


Back when my parents were painting my older brothers room, my brother said he wanted all black walls. My dad said no, as any smart parent would :) He said no because everyone knows dark colors make rooms feel smaller, and light colors make them feel bigger. But I {just me thinking here ;) } think it would be super cool to have a navy carpet and then go from blue to black up the wall... ending on the ceiling which would be black-blue with little glowy stars painted on the walls and ceiling :) like the atmospheric perspective here:

Anyways... that's not what this post is about ;) It's about how black walls CAN be good looking and not overwhelming.

I scanned pinterest for black walls and came up with some great examples!

Here's a bathroom... so jealous of the person who owns that house! Check out the board and batten on the wall lurve :)

 Yellow and black look good together too! I like how they did use only one black statement wall so the rooms isn't puny looking :) {and i adore that seafoam lamp...}

 Doesn't this look sort of... hmm... Ballard or Pottery Barn-ish? I like it :)

 Uhmm... okay. so i love the coffee table. It's gorgeous. But I personally don't think it fits in. At. All. Just me... what do you guys think?
Source: via Alyssa on Pinterest

Brilliant idea on my part {haha... okay... not so brilliant} paint a wall a flat/matte color, and then stencil clear shiny paint/sealer on top. Ah.. it could be so gorgeous!

 I like the headboard... :)
Source: via Alyssa on Pinterest

oooh! purdy white mural :) Love the space!

{to see more black walls click here.}

Thanks for reading guys! Let me know what kind of posts you're like me posting :)



Nay said...

love the 2nd pic of the bathroom. and i love the hanging ladder thingy. soccer's fine. I'm always tired though because since I'm playing on 2 teams i'm always tired... plus I have writer's block. so i spend all my time on the computer drooling over things on etsy and pinterest that i can't afford. :)

Mould Treatment said...

You can really put anything on black wall and that it can be with different colors. I love your art and of course the furniture you've chosen, they are unique which made your room and house look so homey.

KaseyQ said...

I did a treatment similar to the cool stencil pattern in my dining room- I painted stripes using a dark plum color, but I alternated between the same color in a satin finish and a high gloss finish. It turned out really cool! The stripes were kind of a pain, though...

Anyway, now it's the kids' playroom. You have opened my eyes to the beauty of black walls!