Friday, October 14, 2011

Ah.... Homeschooling Funnies :)

        One of the most fun things about being homeschooled is the ridiculous questions you get asked.  And after a few years you start to notice some themes... almost everyone asks these 3 questions {note: I'm talking about kids, adults don't ask these (usually...)}

So do you get to do school in your pajamas? 

~Heck yeah! Why wouldn't I? What else would you wear to school?

Do you have any friends..?

~Uh... no. I am a complete unsocial nerd. Please don't talk to me... I haven't talk to anyone but my parents and cat my whole life, so I will probably pass out by talking to someone outside my bubble. {I kid! Yes we have friends! I mean, seriously my dear, they have home school groups that you get together and go on field trips and such. Also, we do this thing called hanging out, it's when you invite friends over to talk and play games.}

Funny story: I was in the car with my {non-home schooled} friend and her mom. I started to tell a story about me and my friend when her mom nearly shouts, "Oh! You have friends?!?! How do you meet people?"  Oh. My. Gosh. For real?

Is your dad like... your principle?

~I guess...

So... when are you going to a.. REAL school?

~Umm... I don't know. Homeschooling is a real school... we do school, at home... so it's just like your so called real school, just at home. And it rocks. :)

Are you going to be homeschooled through college? Can you do that?

~ Uh, no. I don't think you can do that. Sorry for the let down :)   

 Another popular one is "So do you just get to play computer and watch TV all day? I'm so jealous of you!"

{the answer is no... we still have school. Sorry.}

 Sorry about not posting yesterday! Life just got a little crazy :) I hope I'll be back to normal soon!



Hannah said...

I get those questions sometimes too! I gets kinda frustrating at times but some people's questions are hilarious! :)

Marianne said...

Yep... I've heard some of those questions too, since I'm homeschooled! :) Love your blog by the way!

Caroline said...

Fam thinks this is so true!! Especially the pajamas one! Thanks for all the laughs! :)