Saturday, October 8, 2011

Halloween... costumes of the past :)

I was just thinking about all of the things I've been for Halloween... especially because I'm getting a little old to trick-or -treat. What do you adults think about 14-16 year olds trick or treating? Is it just 'not cool' are we 'too old'?

Anyways... just for fun lets take a look at my past halloween costumes! Here is 2003 I think:

I love my older brother! Sometimes he can be a pain, but then I just go back and remember when we were besties... the good old days ;)
Here's my cat costume. See, I have always been crafty! I made my own ears and tail!
 I was an elephant. The foam was old couch foam that we took out when we replaced the cushions in our couches. Me and my dad carved & painted the whole thing! I got SOooo many comments on this thing! But I had a headache and I couldn't fit on some peoples doorsteps. :P
the football player. Lameness. so not proud of this one. my dad was trying to get me to do a 'tough guy' look... so i laughed...
then I did it but I was smiling... so he made me do it again and again and again....

until we got this....

and then he wanted another one and I was like 'uh.. please no! i'm so tired of this and it's time to go now!!!'
my older brother was an m&m which was just  my elephant minus the ears and trunk + tape. :) recycle baby!

the famous potato head. Me & mah bestie both made these matching. Cardboard box + lots of other crafty stuff + hot glue. Can you believe that was the first time I'd ever heard of hot glue?!?! It's crazy! And I had 4 pillows on top of my head the whole night because the thing wouldn't stay up so I could see through the cheese cloth. Isn't it brilliant though?!?! Kindofsortofreally proud of this :)

making of the cyclopes. We decided to down size this year... we were tired of not fitting on doorsteps and getting beat up by random children who thought it was funny to beat on the big boxes... we got big $ store punch balloons and paper mache-d them. Spray painted and then made the eyes etc.

this isn't what we wore on the bottom... FYI :)

last year was terrible! I won't go into the deets but it was just no fun. And I had to come up with the idea and make my costume the day of because I'm a procrastinator :) So I guess i was a Roman goddess or whatever.. I totally forgot I had bangs last year! They're like chin length now! :)

Thanks for reading my blog and I'll letcha know what I decide to be if I even go out this year.... any ideas?



kimberly said...

Those are such neat outfits! I don't usually dress up, but last year I did. I wore a Japanese kimono since a friend gave it to me, and it turned out really well!

Jenni said...

What creative costumes!!! The elephant made me laugh... especially when you said you got a headache and couldn't fit on doorsteps.... could totally picture my dad making me do something like that in my younger days! I'm a mom now, and I say that teenagers can still go trick or treating as long as they dress up. It is lame when they come to my door with no costume on and just a paper sack, asking for candy. Can't wait to see what you come up with this year! ;o)

MrsWardy88 said...

Creative family fun! Totally inspire me to do my kid's costumes... Ninja turtles.. any advice?

Mindie Hilton said...

Those are some great costumes. Thanks for sharing at Bacon Time.