Friday, October 28, 2011

Lovely Little Things...

My poor little Etsy shop I opened a while back has had no luck... very discouraging. :D I haven't posted many things because I... well... I guess I'm sort of afraid. Afraid that people won't like my stuff, afraid that no one will look at my shop, afraid to spend the money. The thing I love about my shop so far is that my prices are pretty inexpensive but the quality is great :) Just to let you guys know, because I guess I never officially announced it... I have an etsy shop and I want to sell something. My main goal when starting my shop was to not blog about it all the time. It drives me nutty when people do that. Like every other day "oh, here... I added this" "sale.. sale .. sale!!! Check it out!" you know? no offense if you do this.... I just don't like it :) Everyone is entitled to their own oppinion.

So here are the things I have in my shop at the moment... if you're interested in buying something... don't hesitate! You'll make one certain 14 year old girl the happiest girl in the world :D And I'll probably freak out and add something else awesome in there too :)
Here is my big bow ring. I just bought TONS of beautiful colors of felt, so if you're interested in a custom size of bow/ color... I'd LOVE to make one just for you! {no extra charge!} I gave a purple one to my friend for her birthday and she loves it!
They all have dark brass adjustable rings... i love them! They are actually really comfortable!
I have so many pairs of earrings I've made... it's not even funny anymore. but I've only posted 2 pairs and no one has bought any.. :'( Click here to see the item.
If you're interested in a custom color of earring or type, I'd love to make you one... if you can't tell that yet :)
My mustache card set: 3 large cards & envelopes hand painted with super cute mustaches :{ What's not to love?
And my other pair of earrings. I made a pair like these for my BFF's mom and she wears them ALL THE TIME! i love her so much :)

Pretty please go check out my shop and let me know if you see anything you'd like ;) I'm also thinking about adding some new and improved versions of these flower clips... any takers?

Love you all!



Kasey @ The Beautiful Thrifty Life said...

Okay, so here's a little free promo for you- I won a pair of your earrings from your giveaway awhile back and I LOVE them. You have such a great sense of style and color.

And you're right, the pieces in your shop are waaaay low priced! They are gorgeous, though! I really think it would help if you listed at least 5-10 more things. Don't be afraid- sometimes you have to spend money to make money. And it's only $0.20 to list- you could find that much under your couch cushions in one day! Just try one item per day for a week.

By the way, those multicolored earrings are mine. Just sayin'.

Tell you what- if you increase your stock I'll do a blog post all about your shop. After all, it's The Beautiful Thrifty Life and your stuff is totally beautiful and thrifty! Then we can both link up the post to our facebook accounts and stuff. :-)

Come on, Alyssa! Be brave, my dear!! I know you can do it!!

Jenni said...

I love those multi-colored earrings!!! So sad that they are gone. You should post them again if you have more.... I'd like a pair if they aren't too expensive!