Wednesday, November 9, 2011

ANNOUNCING random act of kindness week :)

One day i was looking around on pinterest {lol... because that's soo rare ;P } and i found this post. go read it. right this second. You back? Okay :) Isn't that amazing! Well that's the day I decided I want to do that too. Not just on my birthday, but everyday. If everyone did one or two random acts of kindness each day... wow. Can you imagine how much more happy the world would be?
Well Nikki left me a comment on my post on being thankful... she told me about this awesome thing she was doing on her blog: Random Act of Kindness Week. It's going to be pretty awesome. And, well, I butted in and asked if I could help! Maybe you'd like to help too..? Read the part below here and let me know if you're interested in joining in! :) It will be fun!

There is so much to be thankful for. 
The blessings that I have been given are innumerable.  This time of year with the holidays coming up and Thanksgiving just around the corner, I find myself starting to think of people less fortunate than myself. From the homeless person living on the street in such frigid temperatures, to the person who may just be having inner struggles and needs a little something to brighten their day. 

I had once read a blog post about a woman who spent her whole birthday doing small things for other people. {the one I just told you I saw too!} It was so inspiring. From something as simple as buying someone's cup of coffee to purchasing blankets to give out to the homeless. Random Acts of Kindness. I know there are people this time of year who could just use a small bit of help from people who have that small bit of help to give.

In remembering this woman, I began to think, wouldn't be awesome if the blog world got together for the Thanksgiving season and every one of us just offered one Random Act of Kindness to someone else, whether it be someone we know or a complete stranger. Just one thing that helped brighten someone's day. 

From November 13th - November 19th, I challenge all of blogdom to complete just ONE random act of kindness (or more if you like). Do one thing that you know will help someone other than yourself and blog about it.  Then on Saturday, November 19th, we will have a weekend linky party and everyone can link up thier Random Act of Kindness and we can all see the good that was done in the world for just that week.  With all the pain and suffering we see everyday on a very regular basis, wouldn't it be beautiful to see a linky party filled with nothing but good?

* * *
What could you do for your Random Act of Kindness? Is there someone who could use your help? 

Join us in this venture to spread just a little bit of kindness and cheer in the world in the name of Thanksgiving.

{This linky is on Nikki's blog, click here to see her original post.}

Click here for Kindness Inspiration

So, what do you say? you in?

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Kasey @ The Beautiful Thrifty Life said...

WOOHOO!!! I am SO IN!!!

When I was doing a lot of serious couponing, I remember walking out of Kroger one day having gotten some awesome deals. I thought of how blessed I was to have more than I needed. I saw a lady coming in who looked like she probably had less than she needed, so I handed her the coupon for "$5 off your next purchase at Kroger". She seemed a little confused, but I just smiled at her and explained she could use it for anything she needed in the store.

I shouldn't have been surprised that giving her that coupon made me feel better than earning it, but it sure did. I am so excited for this! And my birthday is coming up next month- I can't WAIT! :-)

Nikki@EverythingUndertheMoon said...

Alyssa rock!!!