Friday, November 11, 2011

from the zoo to you ;)

haha sorry, I couldn't resist the rhyme! We went to the local zoo a week or two ago and I got some pretty awesome pictures... I took more of the random nature pictures than of animals, so I figured I'd put them in different posts :) So here's for the animals that are all locked up in the zoo!

{sorry for the multiples... couldn't pick a favorite!}

haha... dead animals... lol {sorry if this offends you... I think it's sort of funny :) }

this was the most adorable porcupine EVER. Isn't it just so sweet?

haha... the famous painting elephant. The just make it hold a paintbrush with paint and then rub the canvas on it :P

Well that's it for now :) I'll do another post with the random pictures I took that day. Thanks for reading and once I get 6 more followers we'll have my big blog bash! WOOoo HOoo!


1 comment:

Becca Jones said...

Wow they are sooo cool!
I like the one of the elephant :p