Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I've been sketching, trying to get inspired again, setting up the Christmas tree, talking to friends on the phone, listening to music, trying to find a gift for a friend of mine {anyone know something funny/awesome to get a 18 year old guy?} :)

I saw this on Paige's blog, and thought I'd give it a whirl ;) i think it'd be fun to do it once a month.

obsessing over:  painting on book pages {haven't gotten around to it yet though ;) 
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Working on: getting more stuff in my shop, getting inspired - I totally lost my 'oomph' a month or two ago... ;'( , growing closer to God, helping the homeless, and just having fun and being happy :)
Thinking About: my friends, re-doing our house, painting my furniture, what to get my friend for his 18th birthday....

Anticipating: Christmas! We're going to visit my uncle and aunt and it's going to be a blast!

 Listening to: Without You by Usher, Fire to the Rain by Adele and It will Rain by Bruno ;)

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 heheh sorry I thought those were pretty funny... and since we were on the topic of Bruno Mars... I just had too ;)

Drinking: vodka. haha just kidding! hot chocolate ;)

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Wishing: life would stop being so dramatic :) and i could find the ONE friend who will be there for me forever and ever. Because I've been searching for a while ;)

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... well I guess that's it folks :) Thanks for reading and let me know if you decide to play along!...

so I guess over and out {with a random picture of me that just popped up... hmm... interesting. I'll have to check into that.... very odd thing to happen haha!}



Anonymous said...

Hey, I guess I can chalk off one item on your "wishing" thingiemabob! You wished for a friend that would be there for you forever and ever... WELL CONGRATS! You have won one best friend for life! Haha, its just little old sophie... I LOVE YOU ALYSSA! and ps... i will be here for you forever... just so ya know. :)

Anonymous said...

oh, (its sophie again), i have a few ideas for mr. youknowwhoo! haha.. i think it would be funny to get him something a little quirky. like some shaving cream or something! haha JK. i think we should throw him a surprise party. :) he would like that! LOVE YA.

Nay said...

WHO IS THAT?! who's she think she is?! we all know I'm your best friend. what happened?! lol jk. love the pic of the hot chocolate. some reason I've been wanting to drink cocoa out of a mason jar for a while. no clue what to get your friend... nerf machine gun? lol, idk.

Caroline said...

how bout a sweatshirt with his fav sports team? pretty sure every teenage guy would not mind that at all...:)

emilyhiser said...

ugh. Alyssa I just love your blog posts soo much. I've been trying to get artsy and inspired lately too. Life IS so dramatic!! Your very relatable, very inspirational, and very ADORABLE!! That photo of you is gorgeous1!

Anonymous said...

haha its sophie again... i NOW know what you were talking about ;) hehe, love you, and i had a blast last night with everyone! lets do it again!!!!!

Megan said...

you are absolutely gorgeous! (: