Friday, December 9, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas....

*singing* I only internet sing. Or in at a skating place. Because you do NOT want to hear me sing. Haha i sound like... hmm... something that sounds absolutely terrible. Like a 2 year old playing the piano... except I even sound like that when i try. ;) No offense dad... but i got it from you. thanks a billion. Haha I also got my dancing skillz from you... {their maybe even worse than my singing skills...} So if you know me this is a warning to never, and i mean NEVER, ask me to sing and/or dance. #1 i will not do it and #2 if i decide to do it {it either means i love you or hate you} you will probably have a stroke. I'm sorry... i warned you ;)

ok so that was a lot of rambling. i am so sorry ;) honestly didn't mean to... just the title had me singing so then it took off from there! ok so on to the actual post. It's almost Christmas. i'm so happy and excited!!!! Christmas tree is up, ornaments hung, lights outside mounted, radio on, and I got to take some bokeh pics for the first time EVER! :) I might be a little excited. I didn't do a great job but oh well... it was fun ;)

{BTW how do you say bokeh? I say BO- KEH. Which I know probably isn't right. ok yeah it's not right. But then again I used to say duvet like DOO- VET. And grosgrain like GROS-GRAIN. Because i clearly can't handle fancy words haha :) And because I can't resist adding another story in... i was looking through my Martha Stewart magazine once and she had some DIY trivets. My mom always makes fun of me for how I said duvet and stuff... so I go, "oh... I SUPPOSE that you say trivet all fancy pants-ish don't you. Hah *fancy person aire* 'I would like to go make some TRIH-VAYS, please fetch me 2 ceramic tiles ASAP.'" hah I thought I was wrong again and it really was trihvay. :) my mom was like, "uhmm, no honey it's actually trivet. :P" yeah. this is what happens when i think I'm brilliant and figured something out.}

i got this pear from west elm last year on after Christmas clearance for $3 w/ free shipping. i was absolutely giddy :) Never thought I'd EVER get anything from west elm. lol ;)

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heheh imma Canon girl ;)

i'm loving the 'winterize' effect on Picnik. it's sorta like cross process but in cool tones and i likes it a lot :)



Kasey @ The Beautiful Thrifty Life said...

Duvet is pronounced doo-vay! How have you been pronouncing it? ;-) Love your Christmas pics!!

Alyssa - Live, Love, Craft said...

Haha sorry I always said doo-vet. I fixed it :) Merry Christmas!

Caroline said...

haha, I can't sing either! But I get it from my mom. :)
I like posts when you ramble. They're amusing! :) lol. But, thanks for doing it. :)