Saturday, December 17, 2011

Guest Post: Aimee from It's Overflowing

Today we welcome the beautiful Aimee from It's Overflowing! I'm so excited to show you her wonderful kitchen cart re-model! It looked nice before, but the after is stunning! I love it! Without further adeu, here's Aimee!

About six months ago, we were on the way to church wearing our Sunday Best, when I spotted this table on a curb about a block down the street we just passed.  I begged and pleaded and we turned around and threw the table in the trunk of my Photographer's (hubby) sedan where it stayed for the next twoish weeks when I remembered it and finally brought it into our home.  The weathered table must have spent many a nights facing sun, wind and snow!  In it's new spot, the kids brushed by it as they ran their favorite loop around the house.  Endless pieces of paint began to chip and spread all over my beautiful wood floors and drive me absolutely crazy! So I grabbed some polyeurenthane and gave it a thick coat.  I liked the look much more with the cream paint staying put, but still wondered what it would eventually become. 
As I was perusing Pinterest, it totally came to me!!!  I stumbled upon My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia's beautiful kitchen cart and I totally new this sweet things destiny in life!!!
I tightened the screws.
I Cut Slats into the Legs and my Photographer (aka, my hubby) Cut a Board Out of Plywood --- the little table needed added storage and stability!
I Primed the Table and the Shelf.
Then I ran to Home Depot and picked up a cheap $4 towel bar and a $2.94 sample tub of Behr Paint, color: Spiced Butternut (fitting for this time of year, right), and 4 caster wheels ($5.90/2).
Source: Home Depot
Tonight with the motivation of linking my ideas to the Pinterest Fall Challenge with my friends I like to stalk: YHL, Ana White and Bower Power I got ambitious and put some action behind all my ideas!!!
Here she is in all white wearing her snazzy "new shoes" ~ and me LOVING her!  There was already a hole drilled through the bottom of each leg so I grabbed some toothpicks and super glue.  Dropped the toothpick in the hole and place a few drops of glue on the screw of the wheel.  This helped lots! With some pressure I was able to twist the casters snuggly into place!
Starting to Look Like a Fabulous Kitchen Cart!
I totally love this Kitchen Cart Remodel!  (Althought the pic isn't quite showing the authentic color and my photographer's (hubby) at work so he can't help me, bummer --- the pic above is the true color.  It's yellow with a bit of spice).  From trash to treasure in less than $20 Total!  Do you love it too!??!  Are you going to "Pin it"?!?!  Ha Ha!  I'm off to get more inspiration while I wait for the paint to dry so I can accessorize!!!  Now if I can get busy and tell you about how I made my kitchen looking all dazzling!
Side by Side: Here's the Before and After!
 On Aimee's blog she has many other awesome projects! Here are some Christmas projects that I think you dearies will enjoy :)

 winter tablescape {i'm totally drooling here...}

 Whatcha' waiting for?! Go check her blog out!


Anonymous said...

TOTALLY DIGGIN THE KITCHEN CART! (its sophie... i really need to stop using the anonymous thing, but its kinda fun alltogether!) and alyssa- you really should post the mustang pics :) bahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Glancing quickly at the picture I thought this was a post about what to buy and what not to buy, then I read and and saw the "before and after". The transition of thought went like so:

>.< Eww ugly table
:) pretty table
0.0 oh-what the heck happened here!?

Aimee said...

Thanks Alyssa! I linked to you {sorry a bit late}. I LOVE your blog so much! Are you homeschooled!?!? Your photography is GREAT!

XO, Aimee from

Funmilayo said...

the winter tablescape is stunning