Monday, December 19, 2011

Absolutely Divine & Absolutely Easy Peach Crunch Cake

It will make you gain a few pounds guaranteed. You'll probably eat it all in a day by yourself. I ate 1/2 the pan in an hour :)

 Today I made this delicious beast using Bakerella's recipe. it's so easy and so scrumptious {ha that word reminds me of Alice in Wonderland for some reason...} I think I'm going to die.

Ok, well mine doesn't look quite as good as theirs...

But i'm sure it tastes just as good... probably even better :D

{all images from the Bakerella website}

Whacha' waiting for? Go make yourself some peach crunch cake! First time I've made something i saw on pinterest... and I'm on it every day. That's sad.

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