Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Years Resolutions... the old and the new

Last year I made a list of New Years Resolutions. One was 'to-do' and one was 'to-make'. i actually didn't do that bad... but i didn't do everything! If i did it it'll be blue :) Here's last years list:

  • Spoon Necklace
  • Crochet Bow Headbands
  • "Fancy Hair Clips" {my mum clips TUTORIALs here}
  • Applique Shirt
  • High Waisted Skirt
  • Paint a piece of furniture
  • Make something with old records
  • Re-do a Thrifted Lamp
  • Paint a Peacock Feather
  • Headband Hanger {tutorial here}
  • Sunburst Mirror {tutorial here}
  • Pencil Pen {i can't find it now... but it was a bic pen covered in polymer clay that looked like a #2 pencil!}
  • Magnets
  • Ballard knock-off paintings
  • Buy a cute dress from the thrift store
  • Dye my hair auburn
  • Eat healthier and work out 
  • Get better at doing makeup
  • Keep my room clean
  • Try to semi-redo our kitchen
  • Actually do crafts that i like
  • Make my blog into craft blog and have lots of tutorials
  • Improve my friendship with da motha' {my mom...}
  • write in my diary at least once a week
  • Save money
  • Get at least 10 followers on muah blog {CHU-CHECK!}
  • Make a sucessful Etsy (hmm... it's not exactly... succesful. but i made one ;)
So... yeah not so successful at my list. But honestly... who is? And it doesn't help that i lost my notebook w/ it right after new years and just found it 2 weeks ago. haha ;)

This year... here we go. I'll try to keep it short{er} :)

  • Be a good example for everyone I know
  • To keep being strong
  • To be there for my friends, all the time.
  • To work out at least once a week once club volleyball season ends
  • To be optimistic about everything.
  • Always smile :)
  • Grow closer to God. Spend more time praying
  • Forgive and forget mistakes and cruel things done to me. 
  • To stand up for what's right and for what i believe in.
  • Get at least 700 followers by 2013. that would be amazing. I think that's a little ambitious though!
  • To work on my Etsy more and sell a few more things
  • Have my blog start paying me a little bit... {sponsors etc}
  • Keep my desk and room clean!
  • Always do the little things {putting the dishes away etc} when I'm not asked to.
  • Grow closer to my family and friends.
  • Craft like crazy and be inspired again!
  • Learn photoshop elements 8 :)
  • Go do something absolutely ridiculous w/ my friends
  • My biggest goal: To help the homeless and less fortunate. To start a group of inspiring teens to get out there and kick the lack of money's butt. :)
  • To keep being me and not care what the world thinks
  • To do a few outfit & makeup posts this year :D I wanna expand my blog's output some more! 
  • And again... a lot more but we'll stick w/ that for now. and finally
  • TO ALWAYS DO THE RIGHT THING, even when it's hard.
Alrighty! If you want to comment w/ a link to your resolutions post, I'd love it! I tried to sign up for inlinkz.com but i couldn't figure it out and you only get one free linky w/ pictures included... so that's lame. If you know of any free for all time w/ free thumbnails linky place... please let me know :)

Let me know if you have any tutorials you'd like to see me make. I need a challenge!


Brooke said...

Awesome list! :3

KaseyQ said...

Good goals! Hey, I'm putting you on the giveaway schedule for that writing blog toward the end of January- if you could just let me know sometime in the next week or two what you'd like to offer, that would be great. I also thought that would give you a few weeks to stock your etsy shop and then you'd get some great publicity with the giveaway! (how's that for motivation?) ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Sophie... Love your lists! can't wait to do something ridiculous :) gotta start planning now! I've been meaning to call you back, but I haven't had an ounce of time since Christmas! I miss you, doll! I'll try to call tomorrow!!!!!! I promise.


Meghan said...

Inspire? Checked off the list. You just inspired me to make one!!
Cheers for us!!!!

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