Sunday, January 1, 2012

Craigslist Finds

So... is it weird for a teenager to be looking around on craigslist daily? Haha probably but when you're the thrifty/crafty type i don't think it's that strange :) Because I like looking around at the different furniture and stuff that could use a nice makeover. Though since the stuff i like is usually too expensive for me... i'm just dreaming lol :P but here are a bunch of wonderful things i've found that i thought could be really pretty with a coat of paint or two!

ummm... i'm like dying over this. it was like $50 which, yeah i can't afford :(

only $10 a piece. but it's like an hour away...

haha i love how kids just stick stickers on anything and everything...

uhm, this corner table is just awesome.

$12 - it seems sturdy and i think it'd be awesome for holding my artsy/crafty crap. like picture frames and such.

Ok... i think it'd trade all of them for this one. look at the details!!! {though i know all of these are horrible quality pics, don't blame me for that it's these darn craigslisters :p}

anyone else picturing this in a bright, crisp color?

i think this could be awesome w/ maybe yellow chairs?

need i say anything? i don't think so. if it were coral i'd buy it in a heart beat :)

i'm totally seeing an awesome table like this one that Alison made!

new upholstery and paint the bottom of the table?

$110. darnit. it's perfect. *sniffles* haha oh well

ugh. you all probably hate this, but i'm totally digging it. the chairs are awesome too. it just needs some paint :)

haha this one was already made-over by someone

super wonky. but whatever i think it could be awesome! haha but that'd take SO MUCH work to upholster that!

no comment. it doesn't need one. {bottom right is the only "scar" on it. on the bottom. No big deal!!!}

i freaking love this one. AHHHhh

mmhmmm sure i'll take those for $20. i wish. haha more like $200...

again, good for crafty stuff :)

so yeah... those are what i've been looking at! the problem is that when my parents bought our house they bought all matching nice wood furniture and {maroon/burgundy} leather couches. And we take really good care of our furniture so it's all like perfect 12 years later :) which is also a :( for me because i don't like our couches. i try to love them for who they are {hahahahah} but i just can't do it ;) and i just have NO CLUE what to do with our house! If you have any tips or wanna help i'd love it :D

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Maddi said...

I agree with you that a couple of them need new paint and stuff. I love this blog, even though I'm not the crazy art type. I'm a computer geek. I do enjoy doing crafts though... hmm...