Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Study on Hot Chocolate

*click on the first picture and then go through them full-screen*

i've been gifted a lot of hot chocolate recently. which means i've been drinking a lot. which means i have on more thing to take pictures of. which means one more hour of delightful editing. which means trying out new actions trying to achieve the look i was going for. which means a new blog post for you. which means you get to comment on this post saying what these pictures {their editing to be precise} convey to you. does it seem like a winter day? does the hot chocolate seem creamy and warm? spit it out. I wanna know if this style of editing works how i wanted it too :)


P.S. like my crackle nails? it was my first time using crackle... so they aren't the greatest but still... :) my dad thinks they look gross. which honestly i understand :p but i think they're cool because it's just sort of an easy 'pattern'. it's something different and i like it :)


Megan Wynn Volnoff said...

The fourth picture is my favorite. It captures the simplicity, but is still warm :)


Anonymous said...

I like the last one.... And your nails :) tell Fred it's just a "fad" and this to shall pass :) ..... But I like them, and your pictures! I must admit, I helped comtribute to your stach of hot chocolate, PROUD OF IT TOO! one can never have to much of that stuff around! love ya, doll!


Nay said...

chocolate and nails look amazing. and I love the color of your mug... a creamy teal... mmm... i seriously need to blog more. :) merry new year! happy christmas! dunno why i said it like that... :D

Grace Lynne Fleming said...

Oooooooo love hot chocolate and love thes photos!


Joanna said...

Hot chocolate is amazing... and so are these pictures! :)