Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Christmas Vacation

Over Christmas break we went on a vacation to my uncle and aunt's house in Utah. It was awesome! But see... our family is cheap. We don't fly anywhere unless we're going across an ocean! That saves a lot of money so we can manage to go on a vacation a year :) Yes, we drive our minivan halfway across the country every year. It's a good thing i enjoy car trips! So i took my camera and in the beginning i didn't take hardly any pictures because i thought they would look terrible through our windows. But then i figured i could at least try... so here are some i got. {FYI picture overload!!!}

sunrise the first morning we set out!

through the back window

what my parents stared at for 1.5 days straight...

dude. i can't stop wishing we could have stopped by this barn and taken some outfit pictures. minus the fact that it's a car trip and i was wearing big floppy sweats. :P

listening to the beatles while crocheting an earwarmer {which turned out to be too big :( 

FYI these are all pics of what surrounded me sorry to bore you ;)

i like the red truck... :D

then we hit Wyoming. it's cold there. like -15 degrees cold. :)

i just love this picture. like... idk just look at it!!! taken through a car window. yeah.

this one is pretty cool too!



same sunset, different angle!
the ice crystals on our windshield in the morning.


 while we were there we went tubing and skiing. umm... so it was my first time skiing, and i was actually pretty good. you know how when you're going down a steep hill you're supposed to keep turning so you don't go too fast? yeah well i'd turn like twice and then freak out and go flying down this huge hill. not on purpose, my stomach would just freeze and i couldn't control what i did! so yeah i did that 4 times. and if you can't guess, i crashed each time. and it wasn't like "oh i just fell over" it was like "oh yeah i just ran into a crowd of people and, you know, got a few nasty bruises..." uh, one time i fell, flew 30 feet {yes i was going fast, no i couldn't help it.}, went under a rope, flew backwards through a slalom marker {which my shoulders got stuck on but you know i was going so fast i kept going...}, pulled the flag off of it, and landed flat on my back. i think i got knocked out but i don't know... all i know is it hurt. really badly. but i got up and kept going because I'm an idiot and don't like looking wimpy. heh i should have stopped... oh well :) now i have memories :p they'll be so much better memories when i get rid of these bruises... haha
on the ride home i got much more interested in the clouds... haha i think they're cool!

meh. you can see the window reflections. :'(

the frost on my window :)

un-editied sunsets!

my parents decided they could drive all the way through, so we got home at 3 am. and then my cat {who got super fat!} kept me up until 5 by scratching up my bedskirt and then i'd try to catch her and then she'd run away. repeat that over 10 times. haha yeah. :p (just in case you were wondering... i got her :)

it was a super fun vacation and my newly married aunt and uncle are fabulous hosts! My aunt made such delicious food the whole time we were there, and they were both super generous! Haha we had a blast playing Crazy Mini golf 2 until at least midnight every night :)

{that is the WORST game in the world. but the sound effects etc are hilarious :P}

What did you do for Christmas?


Anonymous said...

Hey! I love your blog! It's really cute! :)

Anonymous said...

Alyssa. You are getting some amazing pictures!!!!!! I miss you too :( call me so we can talk... Lots to tell you. Love ya!

Xoxo- sophie

Bri Rios said...

I go to school in Utah and am from Southern California and complain about the 10 hour drive! Good thing you have your camera to keep you company :)