Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Little Update

Alright here's an update on... well pretty much everything :)

I only post every-other day. Which unfortunately I'm still having a hard time doing, so I might have to post even less than that. It honestly makes me sad, but I've been super un-inspired recently as well as busy, and that certainly doesn't help me make stuff!

quick blog stats:
83,000 pageviews all time
239 posts
500 average daily pageview. yeah it's dropping.
i think that's it...

I have been meaning to bring this topic up for a while now... if you can't tell i have this issue that i change hobbies/interests very often. One week I'm head over heels for acrylic painting, the next it's interior design, the next it's jewelry making, and the next week it's drawing detailed cars. You will never know what i'm going to be doing next though, which is actually sort of intriguing and exciting. When I started this blog I was all over crafting. It was my so called 'passion' of the moment. Hense the name Live. Love. Craft. It's almost a shame. I wish I would have named it something different. Something that encases me. something that would allow for 'niche' changes. Something that would let me show off whatever it is that i love, instead of being trapped to simply crafting.
now I tried to expand that to photography since that's another growing interest of mine. As it grows, my craftiness shrinks. I still get inspired, just not in a crafty way. I see a light fixture and i start planning what angle i could photograph it from and how i would edit it. i used to see a light fixture and immediately think of what color i could spray paint it and how i would decorate it or transform it.
*sigh* I'm not sure what to do. that's the plain and honestness of it. I can't change my name now. I can't change my content because you, my dear readers, are mostly following me because I'm a craft blog. {that's why I've tried to keep it slightly crafty. because i don't want to lose some of you.} but then, well, not to sound snotty but this IS my blog. I control it. I choose what I want you to see. I choose what I post. I choose everything but that you follow me. that's up to you.
I think I'm scared. i'm scared that if i change my content, that i'll lose you guys. I'll discourage you because crafting isn't my thing that much anymore. But I don't want to keep forcing myself to make things when i don't enjoy it that much anymore. I don't want to have forced excitment about my crafts. I want to show you what I love. No matter what that may be.

Any tips? Ideas? Suggestions?  I'd really like them right about now. it's kinda depressing...

ok well that was a long little bit wasn't it now? haha sorry about that ;) back to the updates!

Kasey encouraged me to start working on my etsy shop more. So i did. Because I love her :) I've added a few pairs of earrings so far and I'm working on some hair clips etc! If there's anything you'd like to see in my shop, please tell me!!! I really am relying on you guys to inspire me right now. Maybe you can get me back into crafting again! here's a glimpse of my favorite pair:

I used my great grandmother's old necklace to make them. So they're officially vintage. And their pretty inexpensive, so if you'd like some you can purchase them here. :)

Um yeah so I won't go too far into detail here, but my life is hectic.
#1 I joined a volleyball club. a very hard-core one. it's pretty intense and we have our first tournament {we don't play just games...} is tomorrow. i'm scared.
#2 I have my first dance ever tonight. I'm scared for that too! But i'm kind of excited because I'm wearing this super pretty vintage yellow dress that was my moms. And I just realized that I have no clue what I'm doing with my jewelry or hair. AHHHHhh. procrastinators for the win :p I hope i can pull this off. haha that's what I should be doing instead of writing this post... oh well ;)
#3 School's starting again. that explains itself pretty well.
#4 my room and my desk are a mess and I keep putting cleaning them off. :(
#5 I have to worry about this blog and my shop too!
#6 I'm trying to start a charity-ish thing so that takes a lot of time also.
#7 ugh I just remembered I have to read and take an hour test on scorekeeping for volleyball. and i have to get 100%. In 1 day. AHHH.
#8 I'd honestly rather quit all this and go hang out with my friends. lol

So yeah that's just what I'm thinking of right now... there's a lot more. joy.

ok well I better go get this stuff done... wish me luck! oh darn and i have to go find and buy shorts for volleyball. UGH. Ok this shorts thing makes me mad. like really mad. So before I started volleyball i SWORE I would never. ever. EVER. wear those gosh darnit stinky gross spandex shorts that everyone else wears. NEVER I SAY! Like... you know the whole rebellion with the "leggings aren't pants, sorry honey" thing? yeah I agree. it's just wrong. and now, I have to go wear these terrible spandex shorts. *sob* It's a rule for the games. we all have to look exactly alike. *sniff* I was going to invite some friends to some of my games... hah not now!!! I don't want anyone seeing me in those nasty things ;)

yeah so sorry about rambling... life's crazy and I gotta go!



Nay said...

school's starting back up for me, too, on monday. and the b-ball team I'm on has pretty much lost EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. (we have some new players and lost some old ones) I know it's about having fun, but it's not fun losing almost every game. and your dance sounds exciting. like a movie where you take out the coolest dress. I hope you get a pic. good luck! :)

Sherry said...

I think you should do whatever makes you happy. Live love craft can be all three - writing about your life, things you love and a bit of crafting. You won't lose me. I like variety! Have a great time at your dance.

Caroline said...

i think you should blog about what you doesn't have to be a set about anything and I'll read it!! :)
oh, and i almost came to the have to post pictures of your dress and/or the dance...pleeease? :)
ha, I remember (a long time ago :P) talking about the volleyball shorts..haha! :) yes, you have fun.
<3 you.

Katie said...

Oh dear, your blog is your blog; do what you want, no matter the title! If you feel like photography, post photos! If you feel like a good DIY project, post about that! If you just want to post about life, isn't this already a reflection of your life? Don't worry, I'm here to stay. (:

Mindie Hilton said...

Blog about what you are inspired by and it will show. Don't worry about the name. My blog is called Bacon Time, but is it all Bacon, all the time, God no. It's about my passions in life. Change your blog name if it bothers you, but don't stop blogging about what your passsionate about.