Sunday, January 8, 2012

Just a Boring Old {Home}School Day...

Back to school again. I already miss you Christmas break. And i had some resolutions to make some crafts over the 2 weeks we were off. did that happen? No. Darnit.

fun fun. algebra :(

my bunny tape holder!!!

colored pencil shavings :) i like this picture.
Yup that's pretty much my life as of now.  Sorry this is a super boring post with super boring words... I'm beyond busy right now and i'm mad my pageviews are dropping :(

have a beatiful day!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Alyssa ^.^
I'm not sure if it's your macros or the actual room but everything looks so clean! I'm a clean/neat freak nowadays and it keeps getting worse >.< might be coming down with OCD.

That's a cute tape holder, but what's the background?
If you tell me that your desk overlooks a backyard I.. I.. oh god.

Hayley said...

I love the pencil shavings picture. (:

Marieanne said...

love the last picture :)