Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Bokeh Trip

{i'm super late in posting this... sorry folks! here's my Christmas lights outing:}

a fail. it kindaaa worked.

my all time favorite. i just love the colors and design and IT!!!

awkward flash picture of me and my epic koala hat. haha sorry peoples... my mouth and eyes and, well,  FACE looks really strange. :)

street lights :)

i likes this one :)

{it's in the side mirrors on our car}

another awkward picture but the only lighting is from the street lamp. idk why i'm posting these... lol i guess i'm just letting you see a little bit more of 'me' in my blog.

haha it's not bokeh but oh well. ;p

Anyone know how you pronounce bokeh? If you do, pretty please tell me!!



Meghan said...

*bow-ka* as in ya, bokeh, and ya... my little bro always says ya, instead of you. Don't ask why, he must hang around a lota americans eh? :) My mom had to help me with that too :) love it. the bokeh. it's great. i mean, if you don't know how to photograph (speaking of moi) bokeh is a fantastic alternative!
love and blessings,
Meghan <>< <3

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Jessa Belle said...

Beautiful photos! The first is definitely my fav. I love your little hat! It's awesome!

Love & Lollies... Jessa

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