Monday, February 27, 2012

//DIY whimsical bubble mobile//

So this was supposed to be a tutorial, but somehow my tutorial pictures disappeared on me :( i'm just going to try to do a word tutorial anyways, so if you'd like to make one you know how :)

And by the way i couldn't even get any full length pictures of it because it's in my closet and i can't get far enough back to get the whole thing in the camera haha!

you will need:
  • a cubby hole in your wall or even just a corner in a room will work
  • varying sizes of clear glass ornaments {amount depends but i used 14}
  • fishing string
  • flat thumbtacks
  • {optional} clear nail polish
random picture of my hair... haha oh and i made this back in december. please forgive me for not posting it sooner!
this picture gives you a better look at how the ornaments are hung.

first you tie one side of the fishing string to the ornament. hold the ornament where you want it to hang and measure and cut the string 2 inches longer than you want. next tie a loose knot and stick the point of the thumbtack in the knot. pull the knot tight and push the thumbtack into the ceiling.

random weird collage of me discovering you can do more than just black and white mode on the 'monotone' setting on my camera


Sorry about the quality of the pictures... it's hard taking pictures of clear things especially with them being very strongly back-lit. and i couldn't even get a full shot of it! :(

hope you enjoyed it!


Abby Moreland said...

Very creative! =)

Anonymous said...

Its so cool!! I want to try it in my room!

I love your blog!

Julia :-)

Anonymous said...

#makesaverynicephotoprop :)


Caroline said...
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Michelle Elizabeth said...

That is SUCH a great idea! I really want to do this one. I even showed my mom! Haha

Brandi, The Beatniq said...

Love this!

Summer said...

This is great! I'll be featuring it on my blog on Saturday!


Mindie Hilton said...

Thanks for sharing your bubble mobile at Bacon Time.

jackieontherd said...

Cute idea!!

Love your hair in that pic!


sophie said...

I like your Blog.
Good pictures !

Love, Sophie ♥

Faith said...


MsXpat said...

Wow this bubble idea is brilliant I can see it working in a kid's room too. Very clever. I'm a new follower. I look forward to your posts and guest posts.