Thursday, March 1, 2012

//purity rings//

One day i woke up and really wanted a purity ring.  I've wanted one for a while but i never did any research or gave it any thought really... but that day i don't know why but i just really wanted one. So I searched the mall thoroughly for a nice quality ring that would serve as my purity ring.

My mom told me that since I'm going to wear it until i get engaged and then i plan on passing it down to my daughter if i have one, she'd buy me a nice one. One that will last. A family heirloom i suppose ;) Now i'm not going to buy like a pure gold one with whatever the coolest number of carats is in diamonds plastered all over it... haha we aren't rich ;p i'm getting a simple sterling silver one to remind me that i'm going to keep my purity until marriage. That's the jist of it. To always be there to remind me.

So i figured some of you would like to see some affordable options i've found, either for yourself or for your daughters :) i'm pretty sure they're all under $50-60 :)

i really like this one :) it's in my top 5!

i'm pretty sure i'm going to get this one. i love the infinity hearts :)

you can get this one engraved...

this is my second option... which would you get? the one with bling or no bling?

you can find more here on my purity ring board on pinterest :)

That's my question for you today... which should i go with?


Anna Lang said...

Alyssa! I miss you :) But in case you didnt already know... the first ring you have there is called a Claddagh ring. Its an irish traditional ring.. each of the elements symbolizing something. love (the heart), friendship (the hands), and loyalty (the crown). They normally are irish heritage rings... and the different fingers and ways you wear it all stand for different things. I wear mine as a purity ring and a symbolism of my irish heritage :) I love it. Its such a stunning and simple age old design.

Abby Moreland said...

Love all the rings! All my friends have purity rings, but my parents bought me a purity necklace for my 13th birthday. It's a key, symbolizing the key to my heart. I love it. ;)

memory said...

The seventh one from the bottom is my favorite. But I love that you have a purity ring. Meee toooo. They're so special. I got mine on my 10th birthday and I've worn it ever since.
I love that we are new blog friends too :)


Anonymous said...

Hey babay. I know we're getting the same one. Still gotta talk to me madre about paying for it tho lol. :) I. Like the blingie one as well as the simple one. Whatever you decide, I'll get the same :) love ya. (hopefully) see you tomorrow! if not, then I'll see you Saturday. EMAIL ME WOMAN!

aldonae95 said...

I really like both of your top choices. Not my favorite, but still lol. I like the one with diamonds best, but that's just me :)

Love always,

Maddi said...

I love the last one. I say go with the heart one with sparkles. :)
Now I want a purity ring! Gaaah...