Saturday, March 3, 2012

DIY //knock off// green lace earrings tutorial

I can't wait to show you these lovely knock off lace earrings that Vanita from House of Avandan made a tutorial on! Without futher adeau: Vanita--

My name is Vanita and I am a working mother to two wonderful kids and wife to an awesome husband. We have a dog named Boots (and he hates anyone wearing boots) and live in a house full of jewelry, (literally, I have necklaces hanging from curtain rods).

As far back as I can remember I've always been attracted to the pretty things (clothes, flowers, jewelry), but never pursued that direction in college or career. Until one day, I just decided to start making jewelry. I have an etsy store and the jewelry is edgy meets pretty. House of Avandan Store

I am inspired by steam punk, nature, metals, gems, textures, and the glamorous life. My items include handcrafted necklaces, bracelets and earrings. I use a variety of materials from chains, gemstones, beads, and metal.

I started this blog to share my passion for jewelry with the rest of the world. We'll discuss trends, showcase jewelry designers and share jewelry tutorials that you can easily make.

Here is my tutorial on these pretty green lace earrings:

Designer Inspiration

Lucifer vir Honestus Carved Imperial Jade Earrings has a price tag of $5700, although I would love a pair of these particular earrings, there would be no way for me to justify that price tag to my husband. And if you know me, when I see something I like, I can find an alternative way to make them. For my DIY earrings, I used white lace fabric, painted it and stabilized it with green fabric.

Lace fabric
Green fabric (two pieces glued back to back for sturdiness)
Emerald green paint
Diamond template
Two gold jump rings
Two gold ear wires
Tacky glue
Fray Check
Sharp pin

Cut out diamond template.

Paint lace fabric with green paint. Let dry completely.

Using tacky glue, glue lace fabric to green fabric.

Trace template onto lace and canvas fabric.

Cut out and use fray check along the edges to prevent threads from fraying.

Pierce small hole for top part of earring.

Attach jump ring and ear wire to top of diamond shape. Repeat step for other earring.

Ta da! All done!

Smother yourself in jewels,

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Faith said...

I love doing crafty stuff like that! It's so fun. It's even better when you see that what you have made is really cute:)