Tuesday, March 6, 2012

//it's big and white and fluffy and cold//

An odd thing happened this year, we haven't had much cold or much snow. usually we have one or two snowstorms and have a few weeks worth of sledding. Not this year. We've had two puny snows this whole winter! And both of them melted away within the day. :/

 What's even more odd is that the day before it snowed we had 70 degree weather. It was like a perfect spring day. And then the next morning i wake up, do my school, and around ten in the morning look out my window and see it snowing. Major shock to say the least ;p

i wish pictures could show more.... depth i guess. i wonder what photographs will be like in the future... you know? have you ever thought of that? :)

Hope you're having a wonderful end of winter!



Maddi said...

I'm having the same problem. It's just been cold and small snowfall that melts by the end of the day. We were lucky enough to get a snowfall that lasted about 3 days before melting.
Did you hear about all those tornadoes on Friday? Talk about nasty weather!


Anonymous said...

.......CORRECTION: it's actually spring now. GET. IT. RIGHT. WOMAN. :) haha jk. I love you. :) pretty pictures!