Tuesday, February 7, 2012

//some answers to your questions//

wow! you guys are great... i immediately had a ton of wonderful questions to answer!!! Thanks so much! {if you think up another one or two i'd love to do another post like this!}

here we go:
You've mentioned that you're very busy with homeschooling. What kind of curriculum does your family use?

Yes... it definitely keeps you busy! It's not just homeschooling though, everyone has a ton of homework and stuff! We use a mixture of curricula. My mom has found out that mixing it works best for us, so that's what we do! Sorry i can't tell you more, i'll have to have my mom explain it sometime! Haha all i know is i do what's on my lesson plan for the day! :)

Do you have a set schedule or do you just have a certain amount of work you need to get done in a certain amount of time?

So, the answer to this one is sort of complex. We have lesson plans, which are just everything we have to do that day printed out. When we're done with it and corrections, we're done for the day. We tried doing the certain subjects were assigned certain times for a while... but that just didn't work for us. That's the great thing about homeschooling... you can adjust as needed ;p

Do you feel that homeschooling was the best choice for you or do you sometimes wish you'd attended public school?
Nice question! One that i love to answer! I'm not forced to homeschool... my parents would send me to a public school if that's what i really wanted. It's up to us as to what we want to do as far as whether we homeschool or not. So i DO want to homeschool, i DO think it's the best thing for me, and i'm proud to say i'm homeschooled. There was a time when i was about 11 {you know... that age when you think you're SOoo grown up and all that good stuff} when i thought i'd be "cooler" if i went to school. And i thought i looked better if i was whining to my friends about how i wanted to go to public school and stuff. We all did it... but it was all a lie. We all knew that we'd honestly prefer to be homeschooled ;p silly kids! Anyways... so yeah I love it and i think it's what's best for me. :D

How long have you been homeschooled?
I've always been homeschooled. Never went to school in my life ;) But my older brother went to preschool and kindergarten i think.

I love photography so...What is your favorite thing to photograph? :)
Well. I have no answer to this question. That's pretty awkward... uhh.... i just like taking pictures of pretty much anything and everything! from sports to flowers to random things around the house. I honestly enjoy taking pictures of everything about the same amount. :) sorry for the lame answer!!!


Did you decide if you are going to dye your hair or not?
I did decide. I decided that honestly i don't think I'd look that good with auburn hair. i still love the color and everything, it's just i don't think it'd fit me. I might get some caramel highlights or something just because i can, but i won't be going red any time soon ;)

Was it your cat in the last photo shoot?
Yes it was!!! She's horrible at posing for the camera... so when she was sleeping on my bed right near where we were taking the pictures i snatched her up and made her model with me! needless to say it lasted a few seconds. but hey... i got a good one! :)

Whats his name? He's so pretty!!
Her name is Stormy. We adopted her and that night we were all sitting around the living room trying to decide on a name... after 30 minutes of stupid ideas, i said, "how about stormy?" {it was pitch black and storming like crazy outside!} and it stuck. :) wayyy better than Puma i think! {and pumas are mountain lions anyways... which aren't black!} *sigh* brothers....

do you like pinterest?
YES I DOOOOO!!!! really who doesn't? say 'aye' if you don't.

if yes how many things have you made that you've seen on pinterest?
That is a super embarrassing question. Thanks a ton. Haha, well.... ok so i honestly haven't made anything. yet. ;)  at least i don't think i have... at least i haven't made anything that's come out well yet! i tried some fabric flowers and stuff like that but they didn't work. :(

*EDIT* i take that back... Sophie and i tried to make these. but you know we had to change the recipe because we're just that cool. let's just say they didn't come out anywhere near how they were supposed to. but it still tasted good!!! {btw Soph i put them in my yogurt and it was delish. IN YO FACE!!}*

cats or dogs?
Cats for the win! ;p I really just don't like dogs. They're so slobbery and scratchy and they poop all over your yard. I don't know... don't want any dog-lovers hating me, but i just don't enjoy them. i'm not against them though, if you want one that's perfectly fine with me! i just don't want one. :)

do you like snakes?
random..... haha well,  if you mean do they scare me, no they don't :) i suppose i like them. they aren't really scary unless of course they're big enough to eat a baby or kill you, and then YES i hate them. :) but i think it would be cool to have a pet snake. like the nice calm kind {corn snakes? is that right?} :)

what's your favorite tv show?
I don't really watch TV. We watch Dirty Jobs, Mythbusters, and sometimes Covert Affairs as a family and my mom and i watch the occasional Food Network shows. But we ALWAYS watch Next Design Star and Next Food Network Star and Next Iron Chef. I like those types of shows :)

what type of music do you like listening to?
Hmmm.... I'm not sure what genre this is, but i like stuff like Christina Perri. But I also like a mix... i can't stand just one type of song. So on Pandora i do a mix of /Christina Perri/Bruno Mars/Maroon 5/One Republic/

What's the #1 thing that inspires you?
God. but since that's the obvious answer, i'll say my parents and friends. :)

Who's your hero?
Well... let's see... I don't really have a hero! I mean, Jesus, He died for me. So yeah that's obvious :) I really look up to #1 people who help people {homeless/abused/etc} and #2 the people who ARE homeless and yet they're so happy. They are the people who really found true joy. And i wish that were me. Sounds stupid to wish i were a starving child in Africa living in a flimsy hut with a dirt floor and absolutely no food at all, but they are the happiest. they don't complain. it's amazing to say the least. :)

What's your favorite thing to blog about?
As of now it's probably just my life. About my opinions. About what's right and what's wrong. About my Lord and Savior.

What do you like to see more of on blogs, tutorials, photography, or outfit posts?
Good question. I honestly like a mix. I love those everything blogs! I know some people out there can't stand it when you're a fashion blog yet you mix in life/decor tutorials, but honestly I love it! Variety is great in my eyes! it keeps you intertained, like you never know what's coming next!

What's your biggest interest in life?
Wow. Lemme see. Biggest interest??? ok. I'm going to say helping people.

Where would you rather visit...Newfound Land or Holland?
I want to go to both... but i'm going to say Holland. :)

what kind of thing attracts you to a blog you've never looked at before?
Pretty pictures. That's the biggest piece of it. Good content and a nice blog layout next!

What is the thing you are holding in the bottom photo?
A globe thing-y i made out of PVC left overs from this project.

Do you speak any other languages?
Nope. Sorry! i know a little Latin and your average American's knowledge of Spanish ;p

White or wheat bread?
White. :)

Skirts or jeans?
Depends on what kind of day it is :) I love skirts... they're fun to wear and stuff but on the other hand jeans are super comfy and you don't have to worry about mooning the world ;p not that i've ever done that....

Why did you start blogging?
Because i wanted to. I wanted to share a bit of myself with the world so i did :) And i've never regretted it!!!

What do you wanna do when you grow up?
I want to be a homeschooling mom. :) Haha great ambition, right?! Besides that i think i'd like to be either a graphic designer or photographer. Or maybe someday my etsy shop will take off and i could have a little at-home job :)

What degree would you pursue in college?
Dunno. Art? Graphic Design? Photography?

What's your favorite movie?
I literally just got back from seeing We Bought a Zoo and it was amazing. I cried. {i started thinking about how i would be if my mom died and yeah... not a good thing for me to do ;p} So go see it ASAP :) Also, though the actors were kinda cheesy, Courageous was a FANTASTIC movie. Great plot and i loved it. It's super inspiring and gives you a lot to think about and talk about. Go rent it from Redbox and i think you'll like it too!

What's your favorite cartoon? Do you still watch cartoons?
Scooby doo fo-sho. Because that's how i roll... :) No i don't still watch cartoons. Because once again i don't really watch TV.

How often do you paint your fingers will nail polish?
About 1-2 times a month. I paint it, admire it for 2 days, and then start my horrible habit of picking it off. :P

What's your favorite color?
coral teal and yellow. and all muted vintage colors. *drool*

What's your favorite season?
Spring. And Fall and Summer is ok. Actually I like summer because every summer i spend pretty much a month straight volunteering every day from 8am-3pm. it's amazing. :) Winter? not my thing. can't stand the cold!

If you could be a celebrity for a day, who would you be?
I DON'T KNOW!!! there aren't any really great celebrities! i'd probably be Reese Witherspoon, Scarlet Johansson, or Drew Barrymore. Those are all my past 'idols'. And then i found out more about them and now i don't really look up to any celebrity. :)

What's your favorite part about blogging?
Meeting new people. Making new friends. Sharing myself with the world.

What's the first craft you remember making?
Not sure if you mean as in the first FIRST thing i made {like when you glued pompoms onto a paper plate when you were 2} or the first crafty thing i made as in like in the bloggy-sphere. Because that would be this headband from LDC designs. And then i tried making a bow headband just like it and failed.

When did you become interested in photography?
probably a year or two ago. :)

What is a philosophy you wish to live your life by?
I'm not really a very technical/wise person {i totally just spelled wise with a z. point proven?} So i don't have a good answer to this. I want to be a good person who does good things for others and doesn't think of herself. Haha

If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be?
Some person who could make a difference. I'm gonna say Obama{the president} on a non-busy day {i couldn't do his speeches and fill out forms and all that junk he gets to do} and i'd make abortion illegal everywhere.  Because i'm sick and tired of this crud. WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU THINKING TO GO KILL YOUR CHILD? Read this post if you wanna know more about it/my opinion on it.

Lollipops or gummy worms?
 BOTH!!! either sour gummy worms or dum-dums. I don't like tootsie pops or the plain gummy worms. :)

Who's your favorite saint?
 Margaret of Cortona. She's my Confirmation saint. Wanna know more about why i love her?! maybe i'll post my essay about her later... anyone interested?

Do you think dipping skittles in peanut butter is disgusting?
 Sounds pretty strange. But then again in my volleyball all the girls love cuties {the oranges} dipped in Jif peanut butter. And i had one friend who liked ketchup on mac & cheese. So it doesn't sound that bad... in comparison. :) do you think it's good? anyone reading have you tried it?

{these are from my best friend. She wrote 30 but some aren't really questions (sorry Soph!) so i'm just going to put the quality ones. hehe i love you ;p }

1) when will you make something out of the mess of a life you have. Hahaha JK... I love you.....and your life..... :D
awww.... thanks so much! JUST KIDDING THAT IS HORRIBLE YOU TERRIBLE PERSON YOU!!!! Haha no but i don't know... i'll be sure to give you a call when i decide to make something out of my life ;p

2) will you ever learn that pinterest needs to be taken in small dosages, because there is a thing known as ODing on pinterest.
Ok, if you don't like the amount of time i spend on pinterest... then stop following me. :) Haha but i am getting better about it, i haven't been on all day today!!! big accomplishment, right?

3) when shall we do another photoshoot?
Whenever you like! let's plan ahead for some nice weather and cool props. Maybe outside at a park?

5) am I really your best friend.....? :D))))
Nope. Sorry... i hate to break it to you, but you really aren't. MUAHAHAAHAH just kiddinggggg... yes you are my dear! Don't you ever question it!

6) do you accept credit cards?
No. Sorry cash is required. ;p

7) heffalump or woosle?
i don't know what a woosle is... lemme go google it... ok i'm back. And i have no clue what a woosle is. Google is so un-helpful sometimes. it's just full of random lolcat pictures. So I'm going to say Heffalump. :)

8) when are you gonna put the edited pictures of MEEE up?
Patience, my child! I'm still editing through them!!! it took me a few weeks to do mine, and i have to work on yours, bloopers, and then the next photo shoot we took. Jeez...

*insert extremely awkward picture of us freaking out at my brother's friends mustang. it was beautiful. long story. i should post about it... with our 47 pictures with it. :)*

9) I wanna see you. Let's make it happen.
ok fine, you can call ahead or just show up. either works ;)

10) shall we waltz down the street to burger king in our tutus caroling "we are the champions" and blowing scented bubbles throughout the air? .........yes. I thought so too.
Somehow, i am going to actually publish this question. And somehow i'm not afraid to. Which means your mental issues are rubbing off on me... can we both go to the same asylum? pleaseeee???? ok good. Yes we can. But you provide the scented bubbles because i don't have any. :)

11) is Justin timber lake becoming the next Michael Jackson?
I dunno... i haven't been keeping up on my celeb news ;p I can't think of any Justin T songs at all... so either i have more issues than we thought or no he isn't.

12) what jewelry are you wearing
Actually right now i am wearing none. Volleyball tourney yesterday and i was too sick and lazy all day today to put some back on ;)

13) What is your favorite male name?
James, Quinton, or Damien. But i think i'm going to name my first son James because it is my grandpa's name and one of my best friends middle name.

14) What brand are the pants you are wearing right now?
Aeropostale. They're sweats. Like i said... lazy day today ;p

all of my pictures have been somewhat relevant up to this point. this is me and one of my toads right before i released him. and yes, i am doing the butterfly and those are my crocs. yes i am flexible. no i can't do the splits.

15) Sushi?
not my thing. I've only had cucumber sushi before and it just wasn't good enough to eat again. though it wasn't bad...

16) Which way does your toilet paper hang on the wall ?
the flap/piece to pull hangs out towards the room. not facing the wall... that drives me nuts. :)

17) Gold or sliver?
Silver. you knew that.

19) peeta or gale?
Haven't read the hunger games yet. But i know that the actor for peeta is pretty cute so i'm going to say Peeta. :)

20) What is, in your opinion, (cause I know you have one), the most over-played song on the radio?
We Found Love by Rhianna. Drives me insane.
{WHAT THE HECK?! yellow diamonds just sound gross anyways.}

21) What is the meaning of life?
Ask Carl. He'd know. I don't. :)

*hilariously awkward picture of me and carl. and annie photobombing. because i HAD to teach her how too...* *just so you know none of us really look like that.....*

22) Favorite insane celebrity.
Lady GaGa? I don't know... i don't favorite celebrities. They just aren't worth it.

23) What songs are included on the soundtrack of your life?
Count On Me {Bruno Mars} Love You Like a Love Song & Who Says {Selena Gomez} Without You {David Guetta?} and many more but that's just an example :) wow looks like i'm Selena obsessed... but i'm totally not. at all. :) just so you all know...

24) The best part of waking up is..? (besides folgers in your cup.)
i don't drink coffee. and i hate waking up. but i'm just going to say it's opening my window and looking out and seeing what kind of day it is.

my view when i open my blinds :)
25) Where is Waldo?
down the toilet. I DON'T KNOW. that is a horrible question.

26) what does the name Alyssa mean?
is it sad that i don't know this? Let me see....  it means Noble. Haha oh yeah i'm so noble. watch me in my noble-ness...

27) most awkward moment you have ever had. (haha, and you have some pretty great ones!)
i forget the awkward moments and try to move on. But... there was this one time i went to one of my classes and apparently i wore too much blush. Realized when i got home and was hoping nobody noticed me looking like a clown. then i talked to a friend of mine who commented on it. And it was so embarrassing. i was lauging and i'm sure my whole face was as red as a tomato. i felt it. And then after i got mad at him for not telling me BEFORE i went through the whole day looking stupid he said actually he was complimenting me. Haha he said it looked pretty. But i don't care what he said, i looked like a clown. Anyways i guess it turned out fine. ;p

28) Do they bury people with their braces on?
i don't know why not. why would they take them off?

30) What is your favorite pickup line?
 ok, i can't find it right now... but it goes something like this:

"Hey! i was reading through the book of Numbers last night and realized i don't have yours."

So yeah... i need to get this posted so i'm just gonna end it here. :) 
*go ask me more ;)



Sailing with bare feet said...

Love your Pictures! And your camera !!
I've gone threw so many camera's My first was a kodak...never again will I buy a Kodak anything ! But that was back when I was like 13 Since then I think I've had about 4 more! Now I'm hooked on my little Canon PowerShot SD1400IS LOVE IT ! I want to get the Big Rebel someday :)


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I didn't think you actually would answer my questions! Glad to know all of these things that I already know. :) I love that pic of you and CARRLLLLLLL! ;) haha...I believe I will ask him..... Right now. Haha! AND WE MADE THAT POPCORN OFF OF PINTEREST!?!?!?!?!?! so you lied. Your a liiiiarrrr. Go sit in the corner. Actually.... Go finish my pictures. Or read the hunger games... or both... No, the Hunger games is more important. Go READ! I Have them if you need em. Ok........ Bye!


P.s. I'm sending you that card tutorial right now. It's a lame 2 second card, but it's the best I had right now. I'll make a better one this weekend........ Maybe.

PoppyHarleyLove said...

Thanks for sharing!! It's nice to know a little more about the bloggers you're reading.. even if it's about whether you like gummy bears or lollipops! lol!

Be Thou My Vision said...

i changed my blog url to: http://be-thou-my-vision.blogspot.com/


from the former blog Creativity Starts Here

{megan} said...

You NEED to read the Hunger Games before you see the movie! (: I need to start the 3rd book... but I went through the first one in one day... and Peeta is so far the winner <3 love him!

I totally agree with you on the overplayed song. It's on ALL.THE.TIME. and I don't even like that song... :P

Jo said...

I love the last pictures! So awesome!