Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Prolife Bootcamp Journal Part 1

As i said in my last post... I went to a Prolife Bootcamp this last Wednesday night - Saturday night. I guess I'll just let myself free and write whatever i think of haha :)

So I had like 6 friends who were going and they had all attended the year before and they really loved it. To me it sounded like a kinda lame weekend full of sitting, listening, getting like no sleep, and a bunch of information i already know. Not exactly what I wanted to spend 4 days doing. But I really don't know what i was thinking and i just said I'd do it to get them all to shut up about it. :p

i found this to be very true!
Source: imgfave.com via Maddy on Pinteres

Then next thing I know it's Wednesday at 5 pm an hour before we need to be there and i'm not packed or anything. I'm what you'd call a procrastination queen ;). So i packed and we drove to the Church and did some icebreakers and then we were broken up into our 'small groups' that we'd be doing a lot of stuff with all week. I somehow managed to get in a group with none of my friends. Yeah. My luck. But then I was thinking about it and I decided that it was obviously God's plan and there was going to be some good coming out of it. :) But that first night we literally did EVERYTHING with our small group and i never got to talk to any of my friends and i was scared that the whole weekend would be like that!

i want these pajamas so badly. anyone feel like getting me them?! :D

 So on Wednesday we split into our guy/girl rooms and all the girls went to brush their teeth and put pjs on. Okay you all know i'm homeschooled right? Yeah i've never really had to take my makeup off and be in my pjs around a bunch of girls that i don't know. I mean it wasn't bad except here's the deal... out of idk... maybe 20 girls there were THREE of us who wore makeup. Everyone else was that obnoxious natural beautiful with absolutely perfect skin. So I was scared that i was going to look like some horrid zombie and scare them all. The next day i learned that these girls are all just such wonderful people. They really are. They never once judged any of us and i don't know how to explain it they're all just so nice and loving. :)

So we did our night prayer and went to bed at midnight (which is the official lights out for everyone)

part 2 coming soon :p


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Grace said...

Sounds a lot like the missions trip I went on, only I was one of the only ones NOT wearing makeup in my cabin!
I am sure you look gorgeous without makeup anyway. <3
I like your blog- keep posting! :D

Grace said...

I know I already commented, but I just have to say, I read your "about me" section, and we are SOOO alike in everything you said, except for three things! I'm not Catholic, I hate writing, and I'm one year older.
I just thought that was cool! :)


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Shaylynn said...

Sounds awesome. I'd love to do something like that some day. I hope you had a SPECTACULAR time. :)