Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hello lovely followers (if anyone still even reads this)

Guess what? I did a guest post for Megan and Alyssa over at their awesome blog Sisters In Christ. :D Go check it out!

and even though my summer is going to be crazy starting tomorrow... i'm going to try to write about the experience i had at a ProLife Bootcamp i went to wednesday night- last night. it was so much fun and just all around so amazing! only problem i had was the nasty burrito's and small hours of sleep. i slept 13 hours last night. it was crazy fun! :)

so be on  the look out for that and then i'll have a Q&A post where you can ask me any questions about anything!!! :) i really hope ya'll will! oh and i went to Florida... haha forgot about that. and it's only been like two weeks. haha

Have a fantastic day!

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