Sunday, September 4, 2011

PHOTO WEEK: Day 1 Inspiration...

 The Shoes You are Wearing NOW!
This is the inspiration for Day 1 of Photo Week! Tomorrow I'll post my picture and I'll have you {pretty please join in!} either email me your picture or write up a quick post with your picture in it and send me the link {tonight}.  Let me know if you don't understand, and I'll email you the instructions.

{Basic How-to: You take a picture of the theme (for tomorrow it's the shoes you're wearing now), edit it if you want to, email me the picture you took, I'll post it and we'll all have fun looking at each others pictures! Just be sure to get it to me by 10 pm tonight so I can have them up tomorrow.}

So here are tomorrow's inspirations pictures:
you can take the pictures of your shoes on your feet...
off your feet...
kicked back...
Source: via Jamie on Pinterest
{aren't these just THE BEST?!}
Source: via Megan on Pinterest
or have some one take them on you... :)

Thanks for reading and PLEASE join in the fun! It'll be so much better with many people!

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