Monday, September 5, 2011

Photo Week Day 1 {and day 2 insp}

I didn't get a big response to day 1... but that's okay! Lets try to get a few more pics in for tomorrow!

Day 1 Inspiration: Shoes You're Wearing Now.

This is what we came up with:
{Mine: I wear these ALL THE TIME! I've had them for years! Target Brand}
 {Kayla: Boots that I absolutely adore. I bought them a couple of months ago and they were like 75% off the original price, which makes me love them even more. :) I usually wear them with my dark jeans or jeggings when I go out with friends. By Kayla. Go check her blog out and follow it! (follow button is at the bottom)}

So Tomorrow's Theme is: Self Portrait
Same rules as last time. Please enter a photo!

Let's take a look at some self portrait ideas!

Source: None via Sherri on Pinterest
full face

show the camera
{here are some tips}
Source: via Maira on Pinterest
part of your face

your eyes

{to see the upcoming photo theme per day click here}
{Pretty please enter!! It makes it so much more fun!}



MrsWardy88 said...

I like these... I going to have to check those out the next time I add a pics of myself. :)

Nay said...

Sorry I didn't participate; was at my cousins as they're leaving for the filipines... philipines??? Anyways I'm sad it's too big... At first it was HUGE and I had to add those wrapped wire things... glad you like it though :) hope it... tickles... your fancy... ???