Wednesday, August 24, 2011


One day I was bored... and I made an Etsy shop.

Ok, that was a lie, I've been planning it for months :) Cheez-its... Etsy shops take a lot of work, time, and money! I really really really hope I can get my shop 'out there' somehow! The problem is I don't have the mula to just spend on advertising! I mean, I have very little money, and I'd rather spend it at the thrift store buying something than on advertising. At least at my age... I mean I'm not even old enough to have a job!

So I guess this post was about getting some sales in my etsy shop AND in some way it was a call for sponsors.  I'm now charging 5$ a month for you to advertise on my blog, and I'm going to spend that money on new items in the shop and advertising on others blogs. So help a girl out and buy an advertising space! I'll love you forever! If you're interested just email me. :)

A while ago I really didn't get why people called their advertisers 'sponsors'... now I get it:  the money they pay you, goes to promoting your blog/shop.  Or I suppose if you're really poor it goes to your grocery bills. Heck, it can go to anything! But the advertisers really are SPONSORING you! Like you as a person. :)

That was really confusing. I guess it all is really confusing! If you didn't get any of that it's fine... just forget I said it and don't judge me :) 

Oh, and I want to thank you all for following me {and if you're not you totally should!} and leaving comments! Ya'll are the best!

I also want to let you know I'm looking for guest posters... so if you're interested in getting some visitors and posting on my blog, just email me :)

And since a post isn't a post without a picture... here's some pics :)

{they're all by me} {the last one is the reflection on our van!}



Stylishly Blissfully Ever After with MiMi said...

congrats and good luck with the shop!!!

KaseyQ said...

Alyssa, I've had some pretty steady sales with my shop, which I opened in June. I haven't spent any money on advertising- I've found that the best way to get your shop "out there" is to just keep listing and re-listing items, and make sure you have a good variety. As a shopper, it's no fun to go into a shop that has 5 items on the shelves- you want to spend time in a shop you can get lost in! So my advice to you is to set a listing budget and a listing goal that falls within that budget. For me, it's about 5 items a week ($1/week). It's very affordable, and it makes it so that your items will keep popping up in search results. Also, try to list at high-traffic times of day, like in the evenings. That way more people will be looking at your listings. Hope this helps!! I know you can succeed!! :-)