Tuesday, September 20, 2011

:( Heads up

Hey! I just found out that someone is copying nearly every ones tutorials and re-posting them on their site without permission and credit. I know that at least one of my tutorials is on there and i'm sure there are more! I don't know how to contact them, but it makes me mad! We all work so hard to make tutorials and get our blogs 'big'... but when people are copying the WHOLE tutorial without giving ANY credit to you and your blog... well, that's mean.  I can't deny that the site is nice... it has basically every tutorial rounded up in one site, but it's just not fair.

You may wanna check if any of your tutorials are on there... click HERE

See... here's mine {no credit/link to my blog and i can't comment!}



Jennifer said...

How stinkin rude is that? I can't believe other people. Its unfortunate that there is no way to contact them.

MrsWardy88 said...

Okay that sucks.... I honestly get lazy and dont post alot of tutorials for my projects. I will just post the link to where I obtained the directions. I hope that doesnt grind anyone's gears.. they havent contacted me yet... but I wouldnt take some one's step by step instructions without permission.

Jenni said...

Wow! I'm so sorry! :( I looked at some of them, and some had links to the original post. That is really unfair that they didn't give the name of your site or ask you for permission!!!

Megan said...

That's just mean. I would suggest you maybe make a watermark for your pictures so nobody can steal them, and make sure they can't crop it out ;) Hopefully you could get in contact with them. So sorry to hear that!!