Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Editing: from the beggining {stages}

I started with this picture I took at a plant nursery. Not bad, right?

Up-ed the clarity and saturation and added a slight vignette like I do to all of my pictures. Perfect just like that... right?

Nope :) just keep going {I did save every one of these as their own picture because I like them all} add a little sepia and cross-process...

Needs a little HDR-ish... right? Took the cross-process off too.

I used one of the 'spooky' effects for this one. I think it was the zombie eye or whatever.

Another 'spooky' effect... I think it was the Dracula skin one. :) It's a little dark and weird.... but oh wellz ;P

All using Picnik {AKA the bomb dot com}

Let me know if you'd like a tutorial on something!

Hmmm... what else was I going to say? Argh. Oh well :) OH! Still can't find my hot glue gun. :'( I didn't realize how immensely much I loved this thing until I lost it :)

Thanks for reading guys!


MrsWardy88 said...

You are to cute. Nice editing... maybe I will pick up a thing or two.

KaseyQ said...

My hot glue gun is giving out on me...I think I've put it through too much abuse with opening my etsy shop. First it cracked and now random pieces of it are just falling off every time I use it. Might be time for an upgrade...