Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween Costume Inspiration :)

So I think I am going trick or treating... now I need a costume :) Here are some cute ideas I'm liking at the moment!

I'll show you my favorite one first... BEST COSTUME EVER {and the kid is adorable!}

And this maternity costume is to die for! {not for me... thankyouverymuch. I'm 14 people...}

This little 'hobo' kid is the best. just sayin'.

If I were a guy I'd definitely be Jaime...
{btw mythbusters is a great show!}

Audrey Hepburn... she'd be fun to be... but I can't wear heels without like falling over and dieing.. so that might not work. And we'll be running through the yards & on sidewalks... maybe not :)

Source: via Dani on Pinterest

Shark hoodie is BRILLIANT! Love it :)

I totally thought of this myself and then got on pinterest, just to find some other person did. *frown* Anyways the cupcake is a cute idea! {I'd wear pants though... just me. :P }

Comic Book girl.. sweet!

I stole this one from Megan... so awesome!

Source: via Heather on Pinterest

hee hee hee....

Dorothy :) The Oz books are the best!

Source: None via Shawn.Jenna on Pinterest

That's my inspiration... I'm leaning towards the LMFAO shuffler... but I'm a girl so I'm not sure :) Knowing me I'll be something completely different! Cupcake is #2 :)

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Megan said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! ah I LOOOVE the LMFAO kid... that is so great!!!!!

Megan said...

I am loving loving loving the LMFAO one! Love!

MrsWardy88 said...

ha ha ha ha

Nay said...

Love the hobo and shuffler... I still need to do my Halloween costume-- and I still want to make stuff too! I need more time...