Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall Wonder

it's fun playing with the sun spots :)


Sorry for not having much goodies, I've been extremely sick for the past few days and then I've had so much extra school left over :( I figure that's not a bad excuse :P Even if it were I couldn't help it...

Thanks for following, and if you're not please do! I have a HUMONGO giveaway when I hit 200 so PRETTY PLEASE WITH A (big red delicious) CHERRY ON TOP follow me :)



Anonymous said...

I love how the red leaf by itself looks like a heart laying in the grass =)

MrsWardy88 said...

I like your photos, I really enjoy your point of view on life.

taryn said...

nice pictures! i came here from a law student's journey because of your fun fact ;) and i just wanted to share that i haven't shared my blog with anyone in real life either...except my boyfriend and 1 friend....and that's it. i feel as if real life people wouldn't understand...and would prob just use it as a means of creeping, lol.