Tuesday, November 1, 2011

INSPIRATION: all things colorful

I love color. rainbows, markers, anything. Color just makes me happy. That may explain why my room is lime green. {I want to change it though... It makes me feel like a teenager. oh, wait, I am a teenager... whatever. I'm going for something more mature than lime green and polka dots, mmkay?}  anyways :P Here are some pretty, colorful pictures from pinterest :) enjoy!

Source: google.com via Debbie on Pinterest

Source: bing.com via Cindy on Pinterest

Source: weheartit.com via Iza on Pinterest

Thanks for reading!

I've been really sick, so sorry for the lame posts :)



P. said...

beautiful. I just looove colorful things :D

Anonymous said...

im sorry you was sick :( i miss you dearie!


Nay said...

wow. I love the first one. and the 3rd one. and the 7th one. and who doesn't like bacon? (call me unhealthy, but i eat bacon sandwiches for lunch) and chocolate. except my mom doesn't like me eating too much chocolate. she thinks i get cranky-- i guess because after that i don't get anymore.

AdrielLovesArt said...

Beautifully Inspiring!