Monday, March 26, 2012

pink blossoms

 (all pictures are unedited.)

my new toms i won!!!

love this one!!!

kinda like the minty-green in the background :)


 So i'm out of posts and everything else. i don't even have time to edit these pictures haha! so please forgive me... i'll be back soon explaining life O.o

thanks for hanging in there!


Sophie said...

GOOOOOORGEOUS PICTURES :) They didn't even need to be edited :)


Ryan Gracie said...

Beautiful pictures!! I love the trees :)


Gentri said...

What a beautiful tree! :) And love your toms!

Anonymous said...

Hey darlin.

Ok. So, beautiful pictures. And beautiful feet. Love the toms. And that scarf I gave you like, LAST YEAR for your birthday hahahah lol. :) let's go to the movie Wednesday with Carl. Twill be delightful!

Me. (Sophie) ((like, who else would just sign 'me'?))

MsXpat said...

Simply breath taking shots. The pink is to pretty and vibrant!