Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TUTORIAL - Lace Pillowcase

All of my pillowcases are so kiddish... I wanted something more plain and pretty for once :) So I made this! Even though no one sees my pillows... oh well :)

For this tutorial you just need some fabric {any kind really... I used cotton I think}
Some lace string stuff {like I used here and here}
A sewing machine
And a premade pillow case for template

I put the simple version of what you do in the images, but I'll explain a little more on each step.

space away from the edges 1-2 inches like this

flip it over so that two pillowcases would fit, as if you cut this pillowcase open and unfolded it.

cut on the far edge and then cut straight down the top edge so that your fabric is 2x the width of the pillowcase and the same length. Leave 1-2 inches all around the edges.

{right sides together} then sew up the bottom and side. flip it out again and put on your pillow!

So... did you like the tutorial? I hope you did!

Any ideas for tutorials? Pretty please email me if you do!

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